Feb. 28th, 2017

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The Vindication of Man by John C. Wright

And the adventure continues!  Over the millennia. . .

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Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms by Thomas E. Hill

A 19th-century book full of advice very little of which you want to take. For instance, the form of writing an address on an envelope has entirely changed. . . which is where the interest lies.

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Reading Phoebe And Her Unicorn from the beginning, online, is -- interesting.

You see, after several years, it got launched as a newspaper comic.  Which meant a whole pile of new readers had to be introduced from the start.

Some repeat comics, some using the same gag, some comics depicting the same events -- a distinct tendency to compress into one or two comics something that was a whole story arc earlier.  Like the spelling bee arc that introduced Max.


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