Feb. 26th, 2017

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They Called Me Dragon: A Narrative Account of My Adventures on the Planet Earth by Gail Ann Gibbs

An alien from another dimension comes to Earth as a high-gravity location that will assist his recovery. He knows and fully intends to keep the rules about avoiding contact with those primitive humans, which can be dangerous to them, but he promises a friend to observe them at a safe distance.

Then he falls asleep one day in a glacial lake, and is seen.

Complications follow, thickly. The retrospective account allows him to cover the years that ensue briskly, as he keeps trying to fix things and often faces graver consequences, and puts more humor into it.
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The first evidence we have of the existence of the wheel is a depiction of one on a pot from Poland.

The Assyrians moved around large populations of people to provide work forces for the monumental buildings that were required of kings. They also needed to keep on conquering because only loot, not taxation, provided enough funds to build them.
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