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The Scarlet Pimpernel by Emmuska Orczy

Action! Adventure! Rescuing nobles from the horrors of the French Revolution in melodramatic style!

Virtually all told from the point of view of Marguerite, a Frenchwoman married to an English baronet, who slowly discovers the secret of the league that is gallantly staging the rescue. Not assisted by the way she revealed that another French aristocrat was trying to work with Austria, ending with all his family being guillotined.

Involving a ring, the favor of the Prince of Wales, a romance budding in the first chapter, a storm preventing crossing the English Channel, going to an opera, a poem sent to a noblewoman, refusing to fight a duel, hiring a cart, pepper, and more.

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My recollection of this is of course the 1934 film, where Leslie Howard cracked up Raymond Massey like Tim Conway did Harvey Korman on the Carol Burnette Show

“You Frenchies dress well enough,” the twittering upper-class-twit Sir Percy says to Citizen Chauvelin, “But you go all to pieces at the neck.”  Seemingly oblivious to this tacky reference to the guillotine, he goes on, “Tying a cravat is quite a difficult matter.  Why, it takes all my brains…”

And the dour, humorless Citizen Chauvelin was to reply sardonically, “Yes, I daresay it does,” but instead R Massey is grinning ear to ear and visibly fighting not to burst out laughing at this point, and he grinds out, “Yes!  I daresay!”

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Yeah, but I love that kind of stuff.  I've seen the snippet of Abe Lincoln in Illinois where he's leaving for Washington DC and the crowd is waving, “Bye, g' bye…  G' bye, Mr Massey…”  Oops.

And of course, Star Trek was indeed “just a TV show,” so bloopers got aired because it had to get done dammit.  When Kirk smashes open Khan's sleeper pod in Space Seed his elbow knocks his phaser off - and professional actor D Kelley, kneeling to use his tricorder, surreptitiously pushes the fallen stage prop out of sight. And in “Errand of Mercy,” the camera angle was wider than the director realized, and showed an actor standing, waiting for his cue to come striding down the corridor into his scene… &c.

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